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Get customer insights2

Get customer insights

Identify your customers and prospective customers to understand how they feel about your product / company. Adjust your marketing to the way they communicate for even better results.

Engage your customers

Engage your customers

Talk to your customers where and when they are most active. Increase customer satisfaction and grow more sales with personalized, high-quality interactions.

Find influencers

Find influencers

Target top influencers in your industry to provide additional exposure for your company. We all want to work with influencers, but having social media metrics to evaluate campaign effectiveness is a major game changer.

Grow your sales

Detect sales opportunities in social media. Find people who are already expressing interest in your product or service and simply talk to them. This one is a no-brainer: they are already looking for what you’re trying to sell!

grow sales
Protect your brand image

Protect your brand image

Be the first to discover online conversations about your company so you can protect your reputation. Avoid social media crises by answering problematic questions & comments before they escalate.

Analyze your competition

Analyze your strategies to make smarter decisions

Monitor your own company name, relevant keywords, phrases, and hashtags to stay on top of your game. See who your marketing strategies resonate with and make data-driven decisions to become a kick@#^ marketer. Period.

Analyze your competition

Analyze your competition

Keep an eye on your competition so you can always be at least one step ahead. Learn their strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to grow your business.

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